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About Our Trainings

Integrative NLP Practitioner certification 4 certifications in 5 days

  • Your first level of training is the Integrative NLP Practitioner Training. Here where you will learn the skills you need to understand the relationship between mind, body, emotions andactions. And then you will learn to use that understanding to implement change and excellence in your life and with your communication and language patterns and also how to achieve that with clients and people around you. The 6 pillars of health form the foundation to long-lasting optimal health both in mind and body.

Master Practitioner in Integrative NLP, Health Coaching and Master Time Line Therapist

  • Is the second level of training which is all about Master – the mastery of your NLP skills and mastery of a whole new level of powerful techniques. With this live training, held over 14 days, you complete your knowledge of the NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Coaching, Integrative Health toolset. You walk out with in-depth knowledge, hands-on practical experience and a complete step by step guide on how to work with anyone who walks through your door. You will experience first hand the power of a personal breakthrough session, allowing you to recode your own personal blueprint to success.

Why train with the Mind Body Mechanics?

With over 35 years of collective experience, we understand the only way to facilitate true, long lasting and permanent change is to work with both the mind and the body. This means changing the neural pathways that have been formed during years of repetitive behavior and conditioning. These pathways are both formed in our mind and body. Your body will act out what the mind instructs it to do. What is often forgotten is …your body will reiterate what your mind, often unconsciously has conditioned it to do. Therefore, only making changes to your mind and thinking will only give you a 50% solution.

We not only understand the mind-body connection, but we also teach you the mind-body connection. This requires a 3-Dimensional approach including 1 emotional, 2 physical and 3 biochemical. Our mind and body leave clues when we are not performing at our optimal level. These clues present themselves in the forms of emotional blockages, physical injuries and/or internal imbalances in our vital organs, skin, immune system, you name it.

Why Learn Integrative NLP?

What is Integrative NLP? Integrative NLP is will give you the most comprehensive training in NLP combined with training as a health coach. With these combined skills you will be able to help yourself and your client with an integrative approach incorporating health as the foundation to all the wonderful NLP techniques and mindset techniques. more to follow

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Who We Are

Dr Jason Mallia

Dr. Jason Mallia is one of Australia’s most qualified and accomplished healthcare professionals with qualification in ALL major disciplines in Integrative medicine including, doctorates in Integrative Medicine, naturopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Osteopathy. Combining this with 20 years of clinical experience and NLP gives him a critical advantage when teaching NLP. Dr. Jas utilises every aspect of giving his students the Integrative experience by fast-tracking his students through learnings that took over 30 years to develop. He is the Author of several books including The Wounded Healer and Think Big featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dr. Jas has worked with all walks of life including elite Athletes and is the Integrative Sports Medicine Practitioner for the Malta Rugby League National Team ( E N World Cup Winners 2018). Where he used Mind Body Mechanics and Integrative Medicine to support the team to success.

Emma Molenaar

Emma Molenaar originally trained as a physiotherapist in The Netherlands holding a Bachelor of Science degree. She became very interested in the mind-body connection while competing at the national level in both Basketball (The Netherlands) and Rowing in Australia. Ever fascinated by our neurology, Emma was determined to unpack the mystery of “consistent peak performance”. Over the course of 15+ years, Emma has personally trained with world-renowned experts in the field of Neuroscience, Kinesiology, Hypnosis, NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Breath-work. These experts include Drs. Tad and Adriana James, Wim Hof and Dan Brulé.

Personal experience in high-level sports means she understands what it takes to perform at the optimal level day in, day out. She now works with high performing individuals maximizing their mental and physical performance. These include athletes such as Triathlon Youth Olympic Silver Medalist, U19 Triathlon World Champion representative and other everyday individuals wanting to push their capabilities.

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